When famed poet Beverly Weston disappears, his family all return home to look for him and later discover that he has committed suicide.  Each member of family has their own demons that plague them.  Violet Weston, Beverly’s wife, is a prescription pill addict who definitely does not mind voicing her opinions.  Each daughter has her own special relationship with Violet.  Barbara was Beverly’s favorite, something that does not sit right with Violet, and moved away to Colorado with her husband.  Ivy stayed close to home and bears the brunt of Violet’s toxic and frequent criticism.  Karen is the youngest child who pursues her own happiness at all costs even if it means lying to herself.  Weston family is joined by Violet’s sister, Mattie Fae Aiken, her husband, Charles Aiken, and their some Little Charles.

This ensemble drama had several major actor/actress and you definitely get some major Oscar worthy performances from them.  Meryl Streep’s vile and unapologetic performance as Violet does not inspire mother’s days wishes.  However, I believe it will earn Mrs. Streep yet another Oscar nomination.    Benedict Cumberbatch fans need to be warned that he has limited screen time; however, you will enjoy his brief appearance.  I am not sure that Julia Roberts will be fortunate enough to get an Oscar nomination; however, her performance as embittered Barbara, who is struggling to save her marriage and deal with her hyper-critical mother, shows that Roberts has the same impressive range as Streep.

normal_AugustOsageCounty-Stills-060 (2)August: Osage County is another film that will be battling for dollars on Christmas Day.  If you survive your own family battle during the holiday, you will want to check out this film.