After seeing the trailer for the found footage film, Europa Report, I was intrigued to see how this film was going to differ from another sci-fi film, Apollo 18.  The tale of the failed Europa One mission is told in flashbacks via interviews with Dr. Unger (Embeth Davidtz), CEO of Europa Ventures and footage from the failed mission.  The footage is not shown in a linear fashion which, I guess, was supposed to raise the level of suspense.  However, there has not been a found footage movie yet where a majority the original parties survive.  So this film became a “Guess How the Cast Will Die” or “Who Will Go First” game for me.

The futuristic international cast has a few well-known faces: chief science officer Daniel Luxembourg is played by Christian Camargo who is known as the The Ice Truck Killer from Dexter, junior engineer James Corrigan played by Sharlto Copley, the villain in Elysium, and chief engineer Andrei Blok played by Michael Nyqvist, who was in Disconnect and the short-lived TV series Zero Hour.  As the film begins, each crew member explains their reasons for embarking on the long journey and their hopes of finding life on the Jupiter’s moon, Europa.  The film progresses through the first fatality, which unfortunately was my favorite character and the primary reason for watching the film.  Once the crew reaches the moon, it was easy determine who and how the crew would meet their fates.  The mysterious life form makes an appearance at the end but it was not worth the time it took sitting through the film.

As a sci-fi thriller/horror film, Europa Report is a standard when you compare it to similar found footage films with the horror elements limited to the last fifteen minutes of the film.  The cast gives decent performances with the material they were given.

If you liked Apollo 18, then you will probably like Europa Report.  It is 1:30 minutes long.
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