I have always been fascinated by media.   My parents had both HBO and Cinemax when I was younger and I remember waking up in the middle of the night to watch anything that happened to be on.

I developed my love for movies working a local theater in high school.  My co-workers introduced me to different types of genres and grew my understanding of the difference between mainstream and independent films.  I started watching classic and foreign films in college.   Classic movies (any movie prior to 1970) have an amazing quality to them.  If you consider the standards of movie censorship at the time, screenwriters were able to develop the story through the writing and dialog of the characters instead of relying on special effects.  Foreign filmmakers come up with creative and challenging stories…so much so that the US film industry has started remaking these movies.  If you ever see “based on” during the trailer, see the original first…it is always going to be better than anything re-made in the US.

So I am using this blog to help share my movie experiences.  As a member of the Philadelphia Film Society and a subscriber of Movie Pass, I usually see about 7-10 movies a week.  I can be reached at mymoviesthoughts@gmail.com.