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Kim A. Snyder’s Newtown examines the current spate of gun violence by presenting the families who have been most affected by it. Three years removed from the

Source: Five Questions for Newtown Director Kim A. Snyder | Filmmaker Magazine

When it comes to both geography and genre, the loose collective of American filmmakers made up of Gabriel Abrantes, Alexander Carver, Benjamin Crotty, and

Source: Embracing the Sublime and the Idiotic: 5 Questions with the Filmmakers of “Friends with Benefits” | Filmmaker Magazine

In every film, there is the story that you knew you were telling, the story the audience perceives. But there is always some other story, a secret story. It

Source: “A Poor African-American Woman in the Jim Crow South”: Maggie Greenwald |Sophie and the Rising Sun | Filmmaker Magazine

Mad Max: Fury Road star eyed to play main antagonist in the first of a new trilogy that will bring the long-running petrol-head action series to a close

Source: Charlize Theron in pole position for head villain in Fast & Furious 8 | Film | The Guardian

Romcom lead, sitcom star, indie champion… Ryan Reynolds can turn his hand to almost any role. But can he make a foul-mouthed comic-book antihero lovable?

Source: Ryan Reynolds: ‘I’m good at being the butt of the joke’ | Film | The Guardian

Distributors of Black, filmed in notorious Molenbeek suburb, say many cinemas had refused to show it after Paris attacks

Source: Brussels gang film pulled from French cinemas | World news | The Guardian

Having made his Sundance debut with the short film Close. in 2011, filmmaker Tahir Jetter returned with his debut feature, How To Tell You’re A Douchebag — a

Source: Five Questions for How to Tell You’re a Douchebag Writer/Director Tahir Jetter | Filmmaker Magazine

Films with higher rates of diversity tend to have higher box office numbers and that analysts consistently underestimate black audiences

Source: Lack of diversity in film industry costs Hollywood big money, report finds | Film | The Guardian

Developing a documentary about the murder of an innocent photojournalist at the hands of ISIS would be an emotional experience for any first-time feature

Source: Five Questions for Jim: The James Foley Story Director Brian Oakes | Filmmaker Magazine

The actor has revealed her plans for a forthcoming break in order to focus on personal development and self-taught gender studies by reading a book a week

Source: Emma Watson to take a year off acting to focus on feminism | Film | The Guardian

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